Emerging Trends of Saudi Arabia’s Sporting Industry


Sports in Saudi Arabia are undergoing major growth and evolution. Recent years have seen an explosion of sporting events, facilities, participation, and government investment. Understanding key developments provides insight into the emerging trends shaping the future of sports across the Kingdom.

Expanding Major Events

Hosting Major Tournaments and Competitions

One major trend is the surge in high-profile sporting events held in Saudi Arabia. In recent years the Kingdom has welcomed several premier international tournaments, including the Saudi Cup horse race, Joshua-Ruiz II heavyweight title fight, Formula E racing, and the Italian and Spanish Super Cups. The nation will also host World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-views. These events provide global exposure and appeal to youth.

Ambitions for World Cup 2030

Saudi Arabia recently announced its intention to bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup. Hosting the World Cup would be a massive milestone, projecting Saudi Arabia’s growing sports ambitions. The event would accelerate infrastructure development and deliver extensive economic benefits. The bid signifies the Kingdom’s commitment to becoming a major player in elite international sports.

Emergence of New Sports 

Rise of E-Sports

Another emerging trend is the debut and surge of e-sports in Saudi Arabia. Although not yet recognized as a sport by many countries, Saudi Arabia has cultivated a thriving e-sports scene. The Saudi Esports Federation oversees competitions and teams. In 2022 the Federation hosted the high-profile Gamers8 Festival to boost gaming interest. With government support, e-sports are engaging Saudi youth.

Women’s Sports Take Off

Women’s entry into sports represents a profound shift. Saudi female athletes first competed in the Olympics in 2012. In 2017, women were permitted to play in tournaments, and in 2020 the first Women’s Premier League launched. The government actively encourages women’s sports to align with modernizing goals. Female athletic participation will likely continue rising.

 Building Sports Tourism

Leveraging Special Events 

Saudi Arabia recognizes sports’ potential to expand tourism. When hosting major boxing, racing, and football matches, Saudi Arabia draws diverse overseas crowds combining event attendance with vacation time. Special tournaments put Saudi destinations in the spotlight to attract sports fans as tourists.  

Spotlighting Unique Locales

Another facet of sports tourism involves showcasing unique regional locales. Saudi Arabia can leverage its Red Sea beaches, mountains, and deserts as one-of-a-kind settings for sporting activities. Adventure sports like sailing, climbing, or hiking can highlight scenic landscapes. Niche sports tourism allows cultural immersion.  

Integrating Mega Projects

Mega projects like NEOM provide platforms to blend sports with entertainment and hospitality. Saudi Arabia aims to create integrated tourist complexes with sports as an anchor. Attractive sporting facilities and training centers at new mega projects will boost visitor numbers. Sports bring life to these futuristic mixed-use communities.


Sports are undergoing a strategic transformation in Saudi Arabia as part of economic diversification plans. From expanding major events to promoting sports tourism to integrating women, current trends point to a vibrant future for sports. With continued government investment and private sector growth, sports will become ingrained in modern Saudi life and identity. The Kingdom’s bold sporting ambitions will generate prosperity while energizing its youth.